Sunday, August 31, 2008

Big Sigh...

Hmmm. Not sure how to even start this blog entry...especially so it doesn't sound strange and cryptic, but here goes. This has been a very difficult and emotionally exhausting week. I wasn't sure some mornings if I could possibly get out of bed and face the day that lay ahead. Times where stress and worries were so high breathing seemed difficult. But, it was also during these times where God's voice and presence were closer and louder than I've ever felt before! One of these moments of overwhelming worry and grief He gave me the verse from Matthew 12: 28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Another evening I was lying in bed desperately trying to sleep with my mind reeling from and replaying the days events when God's voice was as loud and clear as it has ever been!!!! BE STILL AND KNOW, AMANDA, THAT I AM GOD. He was telling me, to take a chill pill and to trust in Him. :) I certainly needed to hear that!!!
Over the years, I can recall people saying to my parents and myself (with the best intentions) "God won't give you more than you can handle." And I'm definitely not looking for a theological debate here, but I have to disagree. I know I can't begin to handle this current "situation", but GOD can!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dad's ankle

Dad's broken and dislocated ankle. Although this picture doesn't do it justice. At least here his ankle is pointing in the right direction!
Just before surgery
Waking up after surgery

Back in March my Dad was playing indoor soccer with Dan and some other guys from church. He severely broke and dislocated his ankle!!! It was awful. A full week went by before he was able to have surgery. Once my Dad's surgeon began the surgery he was shocked at the severity of the break. (It was much worse than even the x-rays showed)It took several plates and 8 screws to put his ankle (lower leg) back together. The was probably worse than the surgery itself!!!! Anyway long story short, fast forward to today, almost 6 months later, my Dad went in for what he hoped was his final visit with the surgeon. After the x-ray was taken Dr. Ambrose came in and told my Dad his break never healed and doesn't look any different than the day of his surgery! My Dad 's an athlete. He loves soccer, softball, snow skiing, hiking, jogging... How can this be? The surgeon says this just doesn't happen. If my Dad was a smoker, drinker, overweight couch potato it might make more sense, but he's not!!! The surgeon and his colleagues were stumped. His only suggestion was to go in and basically redo the surgery. Take out the plates and screws, open up the break, scrape out the scar tissue, put in some bone graph and plate and screw it back together. thanks! Even then the surgeon couldn't say if it would heal or not. I could see the devastation in my Dad's face this afternoon!!! Life's just not fair!!

Our little dancer

Mallory informed Dan and I that she didn't want to do gymnastics anymore. She's always dancing around the house so I looked into a dance studio near here. I was impressed so signed her up on the spot. She starts after Labor Day, but this afternoon we bought a few of the things she needed for class. And of course Mal HAD to try everything on when we got home.The tap shoes are soooo adorable!
Sorry about the sideways video... not sure what I was doing!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

soccer time!

Maddy holding up 7 fingers (even though she's not seven until November)
Mallory picking her nose and holding up 2 fingers (even though she's 3 almost 4)
Mallory no longer picking her nose, but still holding up 2 fingers.
Dan and the girls kicking the ball around

It's soccer season here at the Laughlin house. Maddy has moved up this year to U7 which is now all girls. Dan is coaching again and the team is crazy good. We won Saturday's game like 30-0!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy 1st B-day Aiden Thomas Kaiser

This is my nephew, Aiden. Today is his 1st Birthday and we had a little party for him at my parents house. He is the most calm, laid back, easy going baby I've ever seen!!! (I'm secretly a little jealous since my girls were completely NOT like that!)

I know you're digging my Thomas the Train party hat.

Love you, Aiden!

Hi Ho Hi Ho off to the bus we go!

Here are the the girls riding their bikes to the bus stop. Mallory 's preschool doesn't start until next week, but she likes to wear her backpack like sissy. I'm glad it's Friday and I get to have Maddy back all day for the weekend. Geez, I never thought I'd be saying that!!!! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More pictures by Mallory

Before you call CPS on me... I'm pretty sure this picture is actually the inside of her leg.
(I hope) :)

Finally success at the zoo!

I've been secretly envious of you bloggers who post adorable family pics at the zoo. Your children smiling and pointing enthusiastically at the animals. Up until yesterday, our visits to the zoo involved Mallory crying from the time we enter until we exit!!! She would cover her ears close her eyes and shake from head to toe. I've posted about some of her fears before. Early on Dan and I decided we need to just keep doing the things we enjoy and not allowing her fears to keep her (and us) from doing things. So yesterday I wasn't really pumped about taking her, but praying things would go better. To my surprise she LOVED it! I snapped a few shots of Mallory checking out some of the animals she's been the most afraid of in the past. The dreaded shark exhibit. At this exhibit we can actually stick our fingers in the water and pet them as they swim by! In the past we have had to basically run by the sharks so she couldn't see them. Good job Mal. Maybe next time she'll pet one.
She's actually smiling! Yes...she was afraid of the carousel.
The petting zoo...touching a goat. I tell you it's a miracle!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He's got a gun!!!!

Ok, so last night my Mom and I had a children's commission meeting at church. I was driving us and we were a couple miles from church when I noticed a cop car with it's lights flashing ahead of us. Assuming it was just a traffic stop and I could go around them I kept driving. We were about 100 yards away when I noticed the cop was in the middle of the road pointing his gun at a guy! We sat there about 30 seconds before mom yells "Turn around, he's got a gun!" It was then I noticed there was another man who had a gun and was aiming it at the cop. Had he shot the gun while we were sitting there it most definitely could have gone straight into our windshield!!! (Poor cop was all by himself too) I did a speedy U turn in the middle of the road and high-tailed it out of there.
When we got home later and told Dan and my Dad, both of them asked if I had called 911. Should I have? I mean there was a cop already on the scene. Can't he call for backup? I've been feeling kinda bad about it. It's amazing some of the things we see on our way to church. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

We didn't paint our bedroom, but we finally got the bedroom furniture we've been saving up for! Also, we hadn't hung anything up on the walls so we finally did that too.
I know it's green... but I love it!
Playroom: still need window treatment

I found these cute butterflies that just stick up on the wall from Pottery Barn Kids.

We have lived in our home one year this week. Dan and I have done a pretty good job painting and decorating, but we had 2 rooms yet to be painted. The playroom and the girls' bathroom. So over the last 2-3 days we've been working hard to get them finished. Here's a few pics of the finished product.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The toothbrush

This morning I was brushing my teeth and Mallory was in the bathroom with me. Shortly after I begin brushing Mallory says to me, "Mom, I put that toothbrush in my booty." "WHAT?!" I say, yanking the toothbrush out of my mouth. "WHY?" Mallory replies, "because it was scratchy." She never cracked a smile and was dead serious. It was like, doesn't everyone use a toothbrush to scratch their booty? I'm hoping it was really Daniel's toothbrush and not mine, however I'm heading over to Wal-mart right now to replace them both!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1 day down...

So we all survived Maddy's first day of school. She came home all smiles and excited for tomorrow.

While waiting for the bus to drop Maddy off another mom and I got to talking. She told me this story that I found hilarious and have laughed about all day. Evidently this mom was very worried about lunchtime and her daughter being able to finish her food. (she must be a slow eater) Anyway, for the last 2 weeks she's set a timer and given her daughter 20 minutes to eat lunch. When the timer goes off she tells Lexi to look down at her food, decide which items are most important, take another bite or 2 and throw the rest away. What? This absolutely cracks me up!!! I suppose if Maddy was an ultra s-l-o-w eater this might worry me too, but setting a timer of 20 minutes for 2 weeks prior to school??? Couldn't she have just told her to eat a little faster at school than she does at home? Funny!

1st grade blues

Mallory and I just got back in from walking Maddy to the bus stop. Today is her 1st day of school. I'm feeling suprisingly sad, teary too. Kindergarten was different because it was only half she's away from us ALL DAY. I feel like I was just walking her into preschool and now she's a 1st grader!!! I had better quit reminicing, my tears are soaking the keyboard. :)

Daddy and I love you and are so proud of you Madison Elaine!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Indiana State Fair

We have a family tradition of going to the State Fair every year. We typically go during a weekday to avoid the crowds...well, we went yesterday (Saturday) which was a huge mistake!!!! It was ridiculous how many people we had to weave through. I had a death grip on Maddy, afraid if I let go of her she would get lost in the sea of people. I took some pics from the fair and the random one of Dan and I is from our last day at the bed and breakfast.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Sandpiper Inn Union Pier, MI

We are enjoying our last day together here in Michigan. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a getaway!! Can you tell how big the waves were in the pictures? Dan and I saw some surfers...What??? on lake Michigan? I wish I would've had the camera with me! Anyway, we head back tomorrow and can't wait to see our girls!!!!