Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sick! Sick! Sick!

Mallory turned 5 on Sunday and she had her first "friend party". We did a craft and played a few games. Nothing elaborate, but it was fun. We almost didn't have the party b/c Mallory was sick all week, but thankfully was fever free the 48 hrs before the party! About 15 minutes before our guests were to arrive I started feeling feverish and light-headed so I took my temp. and sure enough it was about 100. I wasn't about to tell all the kids knocking at my door they had to go home so I just tried to keep my distance... Sunday night Maddy started behaving really wildly and out of control. Although, not the typical symptom someone may have when they are getting sick with Maddy it's always a warning sign. Sure enough Monday morning she had a full blown fever and an extremely sore throat. Tuesday I took her to the Dr. mostly b/c I was afraid she might have strep. No strep, but yes to the flu. :( By 7:00 last night her fever was 104 and she was sicker than she's ever been!!! Dan and I started putting cool wash cloths all over her to cool her down and in an hour her fever was thankfully down to 102.5. Today it's only 99.5 or so and she's just about back to her old self. Unfortunately, she's devastated about missing her last 2 soccer games of the season. Poor thing.
So I'm feeling good about finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. with this flu thing and..............Mallory now has a fever. Seriously, Ugh!!!!! What really peevs me off about her having a fever is that I took her to get a flu shot 2 weeks ago and the next day I got a call saying "Hi Mrs. Laughlin. We are so sorry, but the flu mist we gave Mallory was expired and she's going to have to come back in 2 weeks to get it done again." Two weeks to the day was Monday when Maddy was really, really sick. So if Mallory gets what Maddy had it was totally preventable!!!!!! ANNOYING!!!!

So here it is a perfect 75 degree autumn day and we are stuck inside, sick. (I'm still have my fever too btw) AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Well, as soon as we get better I want to put up the pics from Mallory's 5th birthday. I can't believe she's 5!!!!

Stay healthy and get your flu shots everyone. Oh, and make sure they haven't expired.