Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beach report from Maddy

The beach is great. It was about 78,79,and 80 degrees. The beach is sunny and breezy. I am loving it!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Our newest family member

I've been putting off this post. Mostly because I feel like in some way it will seem like we are replacing our Jackson. (which will never happen!) We started looking at breeders online in the Indianapolis area b/c we knew we would definitely get another Golden at some point, maybe even by the end of the summer. Well, long story short this breeder emailed us we decided to take a look and...of course took the little guy home 3 days later. Wow! Not exactly the time frame I had expected. His name is Andrew Jackson and we call him Andy. He's a little stinker, but we are enjoying all of his antics and it does help heal our broken hearts a little.
I couldn't help but post just a few pics of our Jacksy too. Even now the tears come so easily. At church Sunday Madison's sunday school teacher took her in the hallway to tell her how sorry she was to hear about Jackson and that she knew how much we all loved him. The biggest crocodile tears welled up in her big brown eyes and spilled down her cheeks. Life goes on though. The girls are busy in soccer and Dan and I are running them here and there. We have a new sweet little puppy to give our love to, but we will never forget the 10 years we spent with our beloved Jackson.