Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not sure what to title this post...read and you'll see why

Madison was supposed to be changing into her pj's and instead I saw her running through the hallway wearing only a pair of undies down around her ankles! "Madison!" I yelled "For goodness sake pull up your undies and put on your pajamas!!" "Moooomm, I will in a minute, I just don't want to fart in my underwear..."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!

We have many traditions in our family that we look forward to and our annual trip to Whispering Pines Christmas tree farm is one of them. This afternoon we bundled up and drove there to pick out the perfect tree.
Maddy and Mal with our tree
Mal adding decorations
and serenading us with a few Christmas songs... I'm totally loving the pink wig!

The tooth

Maddy's front tooth has been really loose for weeks now. All she can think about is pulling this darn tooth out. She actually wiggled and messed with it so much that the tooth turned blue. (maybe from lack of blood flow...I have no idea) So 2 nights ago we tried tying dental floss to her tooth and attaching it to the doorknob.
Here she is is with the tooth attached to the floss and tied to the door...when we went to slam the door the floss slipped off the tooth! We tried several more times with the same outcome so we gave up.
Well about 30 minutes after we tucked her in tonight (2 days since our dental floss and doorknob attempt) Dan and I hear her footsteps running down the stairs. While laying in bed wiggling her tooth with her tongue it fell out! YAY a little peace about that darn tooth. Then we hear, "Look mom the tooth next to it is really loose too!"