Monday, December 1, 2008

A reward for Madison

Here's Madison on black Friday GETTING HER EARS PIERCED!!!! She's wanted this done for over a year now. I've been reluctant since I wasn't allowed to get mine done until I was 16. But, Dan convinced me we weren't committing some terrible sin by allowing it. :-) So after keeping her side of the bargain, ( she asked me not to mention it on the blog) we rewarded her with the ear piercing. The pics aren't that great. Once we got there our camera's batteries were dead so these were taken with Dan's cell phone.Before
Her smile looks a little forced. She teared up for just a second after they were finished and then was fine. Good job, Maddy!
We asked Mallory when she would like her's done and she replied, "NEVER EVER!!!!"


K.M.L said...

Awww... Looks great! Good job Maddy!

Jenn said...

How cute...I got my girls ears pierced at 10 weeks and 11 weeks...I felt really bad for about a day but then I got over it. I wanted to make sure everyone knew they were girls, as if peopke couldn't tell by all the pink!

Lisa Kracinski said...

She looks cute! So what does your mom think? You had to be 16? and she is only 7? Oh so scandalous! I had to wait until I was 10 and Grandma Long got it done with me. I think Nanette pierced our ears!

Laurie and company said...

Um, wow, I go away for a few minutes and your girls get all grown up! Double M = beautiful girls! I'd kill for their blonde hair! :)

Merry Christmas! love your fun is this?

God Bless you and your fam!