Monday, December 1, 2008

Playing catch up!

Well let's see... We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my parent's house. I think I counted about 30 people who were there throughout the day. And ohhhh the food...can I just say how grateful I am that I come from a family of amazing cooks!!! I was so busy grazing, I mean eating, that I only took 2 pictures the whole day! Ooops. Here are girls and their cousins from Chicago. Maddy and Jake and Mallory and Jordan.
On Black Friday we braved a trip out to do something special for Maddy. (More on that later) It was way too crazy for me!!! Maybe if I was without the girls... (and dan)
Sunday we woke up to a beautiful snowfall and after church we braved the sloppy weather and took the girls out to the Evans Christmas tree farm to find a tree. We spent the afternoon listening to Christmas music and decorating our tree. (after the Colts game)

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K.M.L said...

Fun!!! Love the Christmas decorations! :) Miss ya!