Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back from my Christmas Sabbatical

I'm going to try and recap the last 2 weeks without boring you all to tears. The week before Christmas the girls both sang up in front of the church and did great. Mallory is a diva!!!!

I left this picture in b/c I almost peed my pants laughing. Can anyone tell me why it looks like Mallory is wearing blue sunglasses?
Maddy singing Happy Birthday Jesus

This next set of photos are of our Thomas family Christmas. My Uncle Phil, Aunt Diane and Ashley drove down from Lansing MI the weekend before Christmas.

Me and my cousin Ashley
Me and my Momma

Uncle Phil and my Dad (brothers)

On Christmas the girls wake up at our house and open gifts, then we head over to my parents for brunch and presents with them.

Maddy and Mal letting Aiden listen to some music
My parents with the grandkids
Me and my sister Rebekah

The day after Chrismas we drove to Columbia Missouri to see the Laughlin crew. We had lots of fun and the girls especially enjoyed seeing Uncle Mike in uniform and taking a tour of the police station.
Mal "cuffed" to the wall

Maddy reading the Christmas story before we opened gifts.

Kasey and I

Maddy especially enjoyed the fake eyelashes she got as a white elephant gift. I took a pic of Dan wearing them too, but he told me I had better not post it on the blog. Ahhh but he didn't mention Facebook!!!!


K.M.L said...

We had such a great time with you guys! We miss you already!!!! Tell Maddy I miss being her sleeping buddy... :)

K.M.L said...

BTW...Mallory is wearing blue sunglasses because of the red eye reducer not working??? I don't know! :) It's cute though!