Monday, June 21, 2010


We left with my parents for Disney World beginning of June. We had such an amazing time!!! It was the 1st time our girls had been and the were so excited. For us, we took them at the perfect ages. Not too young, but old enough to ride the rides and young enough to be excited to see the the Princesses. We passed by exhausted parents dragging their diaper bags behind them with their toddlers in complete overstimulated meltdowns! YIKES! Yup, glad we waited until they were older! Although I did bring an umbrella stroller for Mallory to ride in when she got tired. I was reading somewhere that you can walk an average of 7 miles in the parks... I'm pretty sure we did.Dad and Mom riding Buzz Lightyear
Maddy and Mallory looking at the castle

Getting ready to watch It's a Bugs Life in 3D. Mallory was ticked that her glass kept falling off.
This was taken at EPCOT. The big ball was in the background, but it was so hot and muggy that day. Our camera kept fogging up. (hate that)

I have some more great pics I'll post later today or tomorrow from our trip.


Katie said...

Oh! I love this! Looks like you guys had a great time! I have been feeling a little guilty that we hadn't made the trip yet for E, but this confirms it!

K.M.L said...

I love the picture of the girls looking at the castle! How fun!